Sunday, December 2, 2012

More of my mother's words

Somewhere in the tumulous, the cumulous,
the ramble of my…

The currency of current affairs
is flame

fire that burns roof, shelter
heat that distorts, destroys

the reason—lobe of the brain…

throwers of the flame are also
subject to its destruction

This is a jotted poem on scrap paper by mom, undated (but late). I started to add the word “mind” to the end of the second line, but realized that it not being there was likely the point.  Moreover the ellipsis is there in her hand.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Four pieces

My parents words...

Both parents died on March 26, 16 years apart...



A Bird's Eye View of Home

detail - house, driveway, trees I climbed

detail - Eucalyptus grove, corral, hay bales

detail - Corner of Portshead and PCH, the gullies

Four Pieces

Resurrecting the blog

Deck plants after rain, summer 2012
I am reviving my blog.  I once had the thought to transcribe my journal  entries from my last Africa trip but it was too overwhelming.  The impetus today is to have a place for the pieces I create for the Bead Journal Project 2013.  With that in mind, I am also going to post the 4 pieces I did in 2010-11.  They tell the story, to some extent, of my year with cancer and my mother's decline and death.  I look forward to telling other stories in 2013.