Monday, February 23, 2009

Just a slog

... only because we just got the computer wiped (again!) due to a certain person in the 17 yo category using certain peer-to-peer downloading sites. Well I think maturity may have moved us past that phase. Meanwhile I can't find a damn thing and I've come to rely upon said 17 yo to be my tech support. So I might hope to upload a pretty picture for the day, but can I find my pictures??? No.

Yus is planning a trip to LA. He was going to take mom back to Carmel, but we decided that we'd save that until M's spring break and all go, the better to insure that Mom returns to Seattle as promised. It makes me stop and think: Here we are making decisions for her. While she clings to the notion that she can still make her own decisions, but she really can't. Even this weekend she must have said twice how hard it is to be so old, that being old isn't for sissies. I can see that this is true and I feel it out there waiting to claim me in my turn.